Art and Experience: Eighteen Iranian films have been selected to go on screen in the national competition of the 7th edition of the Shahr (Urban) International Film Festival, the organizers announced on Friday.

“Bearer” by Bahman Kamyar, “Searing Summer” by Ebrahim Irajzad, “Axing” by Behruz Shoeibi, “One Kilo and Twenty One Grams” by Rahim Tufan, “I Love You” by Afshin Hashemi and “Wishbone” by Ali Atshani will be competing in this category.

“Feast of Sorrow” by Puria Azarbaijani, “Istanbul Junction” by Mostafa Kiai, “Sheeple” by Hooman Seyyedi, “Untaken Paths” by Tahmineh Milani, “The Underwater Cypress” by Mohammad-Ali Bashe-Ahangar and “Boarding Pass” by Mehdi Rahmani are also among the films.

Also included are “Lottery” and “Blood Trap”, both directed by Mohammad-Hossein Mahdavian, “Reverse” by Pulad Kimiai, “The Dark Room” by Ruhollah Hejazi, “Yellow” by Mostafa Taqizadeh and “Watching This Movie Is a Crime” by Reza Zehtabchian.

An exhibition of photos and paintings by 50 artists will also be held on the sidelines of the festival, which will run from July 17 to 22 with the motto of “Responsible Citizen, Healthy City”.

The festival is organized every year under the auspices of Tasvire Shahr Institute at the Art and Cultural Organization of the Tehran Municipality.

Source: Tehran times