Art and ExperienceFive Iranian short films have been scheduled to go on screen in the 15th edition of Uhvati Film Festival in Serbia.

‘Vase’ directed by Vahid Bemani, ‘Life with Arezu’, directed by Amirali Mirderikvand, ‘Mina’s Scream’, directed by Salman Vakili, Sara Darvishzadeh, ‘Only Five Minutes’, directed by Mohammad Mohammadian, ‘A Child of the Father’, directed by Ahmad Monajemi are the five Iranian short films which attend the event.

35 films from 25 countries will be screened in the festival.

The 15th edition of Uhvati Film Festival is slated for September 20-24, 2017, Serbia.

The Festival is held in Novi Sad (Serbia) since 2003, in Rijeka (Croatia) since 2011, and in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) since 2015.

The Film Festival has, is in its 15 years of existence, attracted the attention of numerous media outlets, and, as a topic, it has had an everyday presence in both printed and electronic media.

Source: ifilmtv