Art and ExperienceMohsen Salmani’s short narrative ‘Self Portrait’ won the Best Director award at IndieWise Virtual Film Festival.

The production depicts the story of an artist woman who is about to die and decides to use herself as a theme and create an artistic work.

Self Portrait will be screened in several American states while it has so far attended the fifth annual Jozi Film Festival (JFF) 2016 in Johannesburg as well as the Cyprus International Film Festival (CYIFF) Nicosia.

Salmani noted that the international screening of the short narrative began two months earlier and has so far taken part in Ozark Shorts (America-Missouri), Ekurhuleni International Film Festival as well as South Africa-Benoni.

“Life and death have always remained as major concerns for me and despite my great desire to live, an inevitable fear of death always accompanies me,” noted the Iranian director adding “unconsciously, I spell out the fear of death into all my films.”

He went on to underline that “Self Portrait is based on the fact that when humans learn the time of their death, their senses are stimulated at an unprecedented degree and they go through new experiences.”

“In other words, one better feels the 5 senses and enjoys them more than the past and the film’s plot revolves around the same notion,” emphasized the young director.

During the 20-minute film, only one sentence is uttered by the only actor in the form of a monologue which is in line with the film’s sensory experience.