Art and Experience:  Seifollah Samadian has announced his plan to make sequels to “76 Minutes and 15 Seconds with Abbas Kiarostami”.

Speaking during a session that the Iranian Artists Forum organized on Sunday to review the montage film about Abbas Kiarostami, he said, “Kiarostami was one the best people came in front of my camera.”

“I hope to make two or three sequels to ‘76 Minutes and 15 Seconds with Abbas Kiarostami’,” he added.

The film is currently on screen at Tehran’s Art and Experience Cinemas dedicated to screening art films.

Samadian who accompanied Kiarostami in most of his projects made the film based on an idea from Kiarostami’s son, Ahmad, and it had its premiere at the 73rd Venice Film Festival few months after Kiarostami’s death in 2016.

He used the pictures and films that took from Kiarostami backstage during the projects.

In an interview conducted before the premiere of the film, Samadian said, “In the film, we face a picture of Kiarostami as a filmmaker, photographer, poet, graphic designer, video artist and even a carpenter, and above all, a natural born lover of work and life who never can be described by words.”

During a memorial service held for Kiarostami earlier last year, Ahmad said that his father “had his most comfortable and safest moments of his life in front of this man’s camera for 30 years.”

This film, which its title refers to the duration of Kiarostami’s life, 76 years and 15 days, was screened at tributes paid to the great artist at many international events after his death on July 4, 2016.

Source: TehranTimes