Art and Experience: ShortsHD, a cable channel dedicated to short films, and Magnolia Pictures are teaming to put The Oscar Nominated Short Films of 2016 into movie houses on January 29th. The program — which includes all 15 live-action, animated and documentary shorts — will screen in more than 400 screens across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Latin America.

“Short film is like film on steroids,” said ShortsHD CEO Carter Pilcher. “For talent, short film vastly expands opportunities, provides an incredible forum for experimentation and creates a pathway for further success. For viewers, short film offers an abundance of dynamic stories, which are told in ways that they cannot be or are not being told in feature film, including films that may be uniquely relevant to their cultures.”

For the past eleven years this program has been going on and is now seeing more exposure, giving audiences their only opportunity to watch the nominated shorts before the 88th Annual Academy Awards on February 28. Last year’s program earned more than $2.4 million worldwide. This year’s nominated shorts represent more than a dozen countries: the U.S., France, Germany, Palestine, UK, Kosovo, Austria, Chile, Russia, Liberia, Pakistan, Vietnam and Canada.

“As the short film genre continues to pick up in popularity and competitiveness,” Pilcher said, “with it comes an increase in the quality of production and diversity of voices.”