Art and Experience: “Second Take from First Case” is first feature film of Pouyan Bagherzadeh who has been active in the field of short films, theater and performance. Pouyan Bagherzadeh was born in 1365 and is a graduate of Arts from the University of Brighton Great Britain and the youngest filmmaker at this year’s Fajr Film Festival in Art and Experience section. Pouyan Bagherzadeh is one of the members of theatre band “Puppeteers”; a group which its famous character is Hamid Pour Azari and this year staged “Salgashtegi”. “Puppeteers” band is one of the signs of Avant-garde theatre in Iran and Bagherzadeh had the same look to his first long-length film with some of the members of his band based on that avant-garde look. Whole of the film is in interior atmosphere and it has a 60-min plan that if “Cat and Fish” wasn’t in the festival two years ago, it could register a new record in the history of the festival.

The process of making the first film of Pouyan Bagherzadeh first started with rehearsal in theater and the story of the movie is also affected by your Puppeteers band: a group of friends in a group have decided to make a film together; it is also a feature film. With this interpretation the possibility of seeing an “film in film” in the “Second Take from First Case” is possible. The interesting thing is that the script is a group work and was written together as a group based on the outline of the director.



The young filmmaker who is participating in the Fajr Film Festival is very satisfied with the presence of the film in Art and Experience section and believes that the “Second Take from First Case” accurately can be seen in this section: “I am very happy that we are in Art and Experience. This is where the movie will be correctly seen. I do not know anybody in the Iranian cinema and a lot of people who want to attend the festival should have relationships. That’s why being selected gave me more confidence in this group. ”

Producer and Director: Pouyan Bagherzadeh, Script: Teamwork (Based on the main idea of Pouyan Bagherzadeh); Director of Photography: Maysam Rajabalinezhad, Sound Recorder: Saeed Bojnourdi, Edit: Ehsan Vaseghi, Make-Up: Mahmoud Dehghani, Sound Mixer: Hamed Jalali, Set Designer: Pouyan Bagherzadeh, Costume Designer: Fariba Asadi, Visual Effects: Alireza Ghaderi, Music: Matin Habibian, Cast: Mehran Modiri, Mina Zaman, Aatefeh Jamali, Pedram Ansari, Sponsors: Hamed Kholdi, Shahin Sohrabi, Mahtab Ahmadi Motlagh

“A group decides to make a film, a full long-length feature!”