Art and Experience: In resumption of Art and Experience group’s “Out of Frame” for screening of valuable works out of this group, “Whats the time in your world?” directed by Safi Yazdanian will be on screen.

Screening of this movie will be at 7 PM on Sunday 17 January in Farhang Cinema. Movies like “Cube Meter Love ” and “I am Deigo Maradona” and “To be or Not to be” directed by Kianosh Ayari was on screen of “Out of Frame” in Art and Experience group.

“Whats the time in your world?” started its screening since 17 May in Tehran cinema halls. This amorous film was one of the movies in Art and Experience section of 33rd Fajr Film Festival and was chosen in authors and critics monthly film magazine. Leila Hatami, Ali Mosafa and Zahra Hatami are the main stars of the movie. In synopsis of the movie was written: Goli suddenly decides to come back to her born city, Rasht after living for 20 years in Paris. Farhad welcomes her in Rasht and claim that he is an old acquaintance but Goli doesn’t remember him.

Zahra Hatami, wife of Ali Hatami after years of distance, star in “Whats the time in your world?”. Christoph Rezaei  not only is the music creator of this movie but also he plays as a french man in the movie. It should be mentioned that the music album of this movie sold very well from audiences.

“The unmatched hours are important in this movie. I read a book named “Patriarch Autumn” written by Marks when I was young and in one of the parts of the book, the lover asks the love: Whats the time in your world?”  Safi Yazdanian said about the movie’s name.