Art and Experience: Short Fiction movie “Sormeh” by Azadeh Ghochagh will be on screen of Dieciminuti Film Festival in Italy.

“Sormeh” started screening in Art and Experience Cinema Group since 17 December. The flick narrates the story of a married woman ready to leave the flat for a friend’s marriage ceremony in the midst of 1979 uprisings, but gets stuck on her way out of the building with a runaway rebel.

Sormeh was previously screened at Germany’s Exground Film Festival as well as the 58th San Francisco International Film Festival. It managed to win the 3rd prize at the 16th International Izmir Short Film Festival, Turkey.

The 11th edition of Dieciminuti Film Festival will be held on 26-60 January, 2016 in Italy.

Born in 1980, Azadeh Ghochagh graduated in film from Sooreh University. Ever since she has been actively involved in the Iranian film industry in many different fields such as a script supervisor, director, editor, 1st assistant director, production manager. Sormeh is Azadeh’s latest film which have been selected in the line up of many international film festivals throughout the world.