Art & Experience: This week’s schedule of Artists House’s Cinematheque is  for “Niaz” movie by Alireza Davoodnejad.

The 136th schedule of Artists House’s Cinematheque on Monday 16th of November at 5:30 PM is for specifically for screening “Niaz” movie by Alireza Davoodnejad. After screening the movie, review session will be held in Ostad Naseri hall with attendance of Alireza Davoodnejad and Mehrzad Danesh.

In this day, the documentary “Need A Simple Collar Sew” by Mohammad Jafari which is a documentary about backstage of ” Niaz” movie will be shown for audiences.

The movie “Niaz”  by Alireza Davoodnejad was produced in 1992. The story is about a teenager named Ali who decides to be the man of his house after his father’s death. Ali starts working in a print shop several days later. At the same time another teenager named Reza comes to the print shop. Despite the first struggles between these two, gradually they develop feelings for each other.