Art and Experience: Short film community of whole department of culture and Islamic guidance of Fars state, following the weekly screenings of short film and noticeable documentaries of Iran and the world will have “Report” directed by Abbas Kiarostami on screen 20 January

The mentioned program will be held at 6 pm in Hafez Abbas Kiarostami hall of the Head Department of Islamic Culture and Guidance – Ghazal hall – and open for all of its fans.

This cinematic work is considered as the first long work of Abbas Kiarostami and produced in 1356, and is about the life of an agent of Finance Department, who has been suspended from work for taking a bribe at the beginning, and at that point, his problems start especially with his wife.

Abbas Kiarostami has directed two short movies in 1354, called “So Can I” and “Two Solutions for One Problem” and this movie maker has also produced “Colors” in early 1354 and after that 54-minute “A Wedding Suit”.

Movie “Report”is about the life of a tax officer accused of bribery, with a theme of suicide which is the first work of Iran’s cinema that presents an objective report of complicated relationships between a young couple in a society involved in the limbo of tradition and Modernism, and the compound of Realism and art , and breaking the delicate border of these two in this work, surprised critics.