Art and Experience: The film “Dizziness” written and directed by Rasoul Kahani and produced by Abbas Akbari will be screened at the 9th “Visions of Iran” Iranian Film Festival Cologne from June 10 to 20, 2021.

The film “Dizziness”, which was the most popular film of Art and Experience in 2020, was made in a plan-sequence style without fragmentation in 84 minutes, with stars like Mehdi Ziachamani, Dariush Reshadat, Sarvar Pirvani, Behzad Aghajani, Mahmoud Yavari and Nasrin Derakhshanzadeh.

The “Visions of Iran” festival has been held in Cologne, Germany since 2013 under supervision of Festival Director and Program Curator, Amin Farzanehfar, and the screening of films in this period will be online due to the Corona pandemic.

The international screening of the film “Dizziness” is done by Elaheh Goodarzi.