Art and Experience: Screening of 12 movies will end in this era of Art and Experience screenings.

Seven feature movies “316”, “Objects are Closer than what you see in the mirror”, “King’s Fusion”, “Have You Another Apple?”, “Snake’s Oil”, “Taj Mahal” and ” Snow and Ash” and four documentaries “I want to be King”, “Molfe Gand and Zero Point Orbit”, “Freeway” and “Homa’s Hamid” and a foreign movie “The 400 Blows” will be out of Art and Experience movie screening schedule from 31 January.

There are only 10 days left for screening these 12 movies. Among these movies, “316” has been on screen for eight months and the shortest screening duration was for “Homa’s Hamid” documentary which was three months.

With having these movies away, the longest screening duration places are owned by “Fish and Cat”, “Parviz” and then “Ashkan, the Charmed Ring and Other.”