Art and Experience: “Scissors” poster, a movie directed by Karim Lakzadeh designed by Keyvan Feyzi was published.

“The poster retell the story of the film and I tried to show the destruction of main character, means Rama played by Abbas Ghazali.” Keyvan Feyzi told Mehr News about designing this poster.

“Using the sea water was as one of the nature elements which shows drowning of the character in sinkhole and the red color for showing the anger, fear and danger and one of the most important of film locations was Hormoz Island which the soil and water is red.”

The “Scissors” poster made by Keyvan Feyzi will be present in Art and Experience section of the 34th Fajr Film Festival. “Scissors” is the first feature movie of Karim Lakzadeh which Ehsan Fouladi has the producing responsibility in it and Abbas Ghazali, Behzad Dorani, Sourosh Sehat, Mohammad Reza Davood Nejad and Rabe-e Madani are the stars of the film.