Art and Experience:  A lineup of four Iranian films have been selected to go on screen at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival running in the Brazilian city from Oct 18 to 31.

“3 Faces” by Jafar Panahi, “Orange Days” by Arash Lahuti, “Reza” by Alireza Motamedi and “Aqui” by Hadi Mohaqeq will be competing with more than 300 films from different countries at the festival, the organizers have announced.

“3 Faces” will be screened in the Tribute section and the story is about a relationship between popular Iranian actress Behnaz Jafari and a provincial girl who lives with a dream of being an actress.

“Orange Days” in an entry to the New Directors section. It tells the story of Aban, the only female contractor in the cutthroat and male-dominated orange harvesting industry, who enters a competition to win a large contract.

“Reza” will also screen in the category. The movie is about a divorced man named Reza who is trying to adapt to his new life after a divorce while he finds a new romance.

Source: Tehran Times