Art and ExperienceIranian documentary film ‘Overruled’ will go on screen at South Asian International Film Festival in Nepal.

Directed by Farnaz and Mohammad Reza Jourabchian, Overruled will be showcased at South Asian International Film Festival which has been in place since 1997 and has been broadcasting more than two decades the documentaries on humanitarian issues and related to Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Burma.

Produced in over 3 years, Overruled depicts the lives of five Afghan immigrants offering a different view of them, unlike common images of Afghan refugees; Afghans who collected the ball from the tennis courts in Tehran, and learned the sport from an early age. They register for many competitions in private clubs open to all and manage to beat some Iranians.

The festival, scheduled for Nov. 2-6, is aimed at raising the level of international awareness, cultural development, and the social responsibility of the people of the world, and the participation and sympathy with the people of above-mentioned countries.

Source: mehrnews