Art and Experience: Iranian Feature Film ‘Nakook’ has been scheduled to be screened at Kazan Film Festival in Russia.

Made by Reza Pourkian, the Iranian movie ‘Nakook’ will take part at the International Festival of Muslim Cinema Golden Minbar, Russia.

The festival is slated for 5-11 September, 2017 in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan.

‘Nakook’ is a social drama and the first work of Amir Pourkian as director which deals with family problems with a different story.

In general the movie wants to say that when one thinks everything is going right, he is hit from where he does not calculate on.

The International Festival of Muslim Cinema Golden Minbar is held annually to provide opportunity for Muslim filmmakers. In this annual event filmmakers of Russia, Muslim countries and other parts of the world gather together to participate in meetings and exchange experience.

Source: ifilmtv