Art and Experience: Four Iranian films will go on screen in various sections of the Unknown Film Festival (UFF), an international short film festival for amateur filmmakers, which will be held in Yekaterinburg, Russia on June 28.

“The Snail” by Mohammad Torivarian and “The City of Honey” by Moein Ruholamini will be screened at the main section of the festival.

“The Incomplete” by Erfan Parsapur will compete in the animation section while “Fireworks” by Shahab Ghaffari will go on screen at the mobile video section of the festival.

Films from several countries including the U.K., France, Germany, Canada, Austria, Poland and Russia will be screened at the festival that aims at discovering new talent in filmmaking industry.

Photo: A scene from “The Snail” by Mohammad Torivarian.

Source: Tehran times