Art and Experience: International Film Festival Rotterdam and Berlin International Film Festival announced Short Film Lineup.

The 2015 Berlin International Film Festival has announced the short films that will be screening at this year’s festival, which runs from February 5-15. The entire short film list is below:

Berlinale Shorts 2015:

“Architektura,” Ulu Braun, Germany, 15′ (WP)
“Bad at Dancing,” Joanna Arnow, USA, 11′ (WP)
“Blood Below the Skin,” Jennifer Reeder, USA, 32′ (WP)
“Chitrashala” (“House of Painting”), Amit Dutta, India, 19′ (WP)
“Däwit” (“Daewit”), David Jansen, Germany, 15′ (WP)
“Dissonance,” Till Nowak, Germany, 17′ (WP)
“Hosanna,” Na Young-kil, South Korea, 25′ (DP)
“La Isla está Encantada con Ustedes” (“The Island is Enchanted with You”), Alexander Carver & Daniel Schmidt, USA / Switzerland / Australia, 28′ (IP)
“El Juego del Escondite” (“Hide & Seek”), David Muñoz, Spain, 23′ (WP)
“Kamakshi,” Satindar Singh Bedi, India, 25′ (WP)
“Lama?” (“Why?”), Nadav Lapid, Israel, 5′ (IP)
“Lembusura,” Wregas Bhanuteja, Indonesia, 10′ (IP)
“Lo Sum Choe Sum” (3 Year 3 Month Retreat), Dechen Roder, Bhutan, 20′ (WP)
“maku” (“veil”), Yoriko Mizushiri, Japan, 6′ (WP)
”The Mad Half Hour,” Leonardo Brzezicki, Argentina, 22′ (WP)
“Mar de Fogo” (“Sea of Fire”), Joel Pizzini, Brazil, 8′ (WP)
“Of Stains,” Scrap & Tires, Sebastian Brameshuber, Austria / France, 19′ (IP)
“Pebbles at Your Door,” Vibeke Bryld, Denmark, 18′ (WP)
“Planet Ʃ,” Momoko Seto, France, 12′ (WP)
“San Cristóbal,” Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo, Chile, 29′ (WP)
“Shadowland,” John Skoog, Sweden, 15′ (IP)
“Snapshot Mon Amour,” Christian Bau, Germany, 6′ (WP)
S”uperior,” Erin Vassilopoulos, USA, 16′ (IP)
“Symbolic Threats,” Mischa Leinkauf, Matthias Wermke & Lutz Henke , Germany, 16′ (WP)
“Take What You Can Carry,” Matt Porterfield, USA / Germany, 30′ (WP)
“The,” Billy Roisz & Dieter Kovačič, Austria, 13′ (WP)
“Yúyú,” Marc Johnson, France / Spain / USA, 15′ (WP)

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) has completed the selection for its tenth Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films. The competition in the shorts category will comprise a mix of 20 short fiction films, experimental films and documentaries from around the world. Nominated filmmakers include director and 2009 Hivos Tiger Award nominee Ben Russell, who will also present a lecture at the Festival, and 2008 Tiger Award for Short Film winner Ben Rivers, as well as new filmmakers from countries including Vietnam, Egypt, Norway, Singapore, Serbia and Austria. This competition includes ten world premieres, of which four are from the Netherlands. IFFR hosts two sections for short and mid-length (45-to 65mins) films under the header As Long As It Takes. The full programme with 157 short and ten mid-length films from 41 countries will be screened from Jan 22-26 at LantarenVenster.

Bible, Tommy Hartung (US)

Blinder, Tim Leyendekker (The Netherlands, Brazil)

La Fievre, Safia Benhaim (France)

Greetings To The Ancestors, Ben Russell (US, South Africa, United Kingdom)

The Living Need Light, The Dead Need Music, The Propeller Group (Vietnam)

Mainsqueeze, Jon Rafman (Canada)

The Main Colors Of The Sky Radiate Forgetfulness, Basim Magdy (Egypt)

Moon Blink, Rainer Kohlberger (Austria)

Night Soil – Fake Paradise, Melanie Bonajo (US, The Netherlands)

Our Body, Dane Komljen (Serbia, Germany)

Panchrome I, II, III, T. Marie (US)

Quiet Zone, Karl Lemieux (Canada)

Raking Light, James Richards (Germany)

Raymond, Nina Yuen (US)

Swimming In Your Skin Again, Terence Nance (US)

Things, Ben Rivers (United Kingdom)

Tijd En Plaats, Een Gesprek Met Mijn Moeder, Martijn Veldhoen (The Netherlands)

Untitled (The City At Night), Ane Hjort Guttu (Norway)

Voice-Over, Roy Villevoye (The Netherlands)

You’re Dead To Me, Min-Wei Ting (Singapore)

The 45th edition of International Film Festival Rotterdam will take place from Wednesday 27 January to Sunday 7 February 2016.