Art and Experience:  Iranian animated films “The Rotation” and “Song Sparrow” will be competing in the 27th Suncine International Festival of Environmental Cinema in Mexico.

Both of the short movies will be screened in the Suncine Views section of the festival, which will take place from November 4 to 12.

Suncine Views is a global look at the state of our planet through productions made in different countries.

“The Rotation” directed by Hazhir As’adi tells the story of a country where there is a war between two tribes over claiming the sun in the sky. As a result of that war, the sun is annihilated and a volcano erupts. Those two tribes now are dead and a new sun is made, both done by the lava. Several centuries pass and the humans are still at war to claim the sun in the sky.

“Song Sparrow”, a co-production with Denmark directed by Farzaneh Omidvarnia, is about People of different color and race and culture, old and young, who embark on journeys, eager to find some place they can call home, or just some place they can live in. Many brave perils more formidable than the ones they ran from in the first place. They dream of better lives while in reality having little choice.

Suncine is the oldest environmental film festival in the world. Its goal is to educate through entertainment and to raise awareness, using audiovisuals as a tool and language.

“Our planet is in the situation that it’s in, and now is the time to be critical and to see how far our responsibility can go, commit ourselves to it and push for change,” Suncine director Jaume Gil has said in a statement published by the organizers.

“We owe this self-criticism to the youngest among us, to those that are inheriting the future, to those who have for years been heading out onto the streets to demand change in everything associated with environmental policy,” he added.

Source: Tehrantimes