Art and Experience42nd Roshd International Film Festival has announced the student section competition lineup.

A total of 127 films have been submitted to the film event, 15 of which were picked as the candidates to compete at the latest edition of the festival.

The female students have a bigger portion of the selected works with 11 movies while male students have 4 films in competition this year.

Some of the films are ‘Expiration Date’ by Mandana Houshmandian, ‘Freedom’ directed by Afrouz Mohammad-Qoliha, ‘Fight’ by Morteza Ali Samiei and Nika Shahinzadeh’s ‘My City’.

Launched in 1963, the Roshd International Film Festival is the first and oldest global film event in Iran.

Holding such a festival, Iranian ministry of education is aimed to exchange education pictorial incidents globally.

The main objective of the event was to collect the latest educational products and also to find an innovative way for training and educating children and adolescents in the country.

The 48th edition of the festival is slated for November 16-23, 2018, at Felestin Cinema in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

Source: ifilmtv