Art and Experience:  Screening of “Risk of Acid Rain” at the Gutenberg Film Festival was met with widespread acceptance of audiences.

“Risk of Acid Rain” by Behtash Sanaeiha is present in the New Voices section of Festival . The film in New voices will compete with 29 other films. “Risk of Acid Rain” was on screen in four hours and on days 30 and 31 January and 1st February and was on the screen of local cinemas on 3rd February in Gutenberg. Gutenberg festival is one of great cultural events in the Nordic region.

The 39th Gutenberg Film Festival starts from 20 January in Sweden city. “Dreams of Wood” by Claire Simon French, Chantal Ackerman’s last film before he died, “This is not a home movie,” “Frankofonya” Russia’s Alexander Sokurov’s latest film, “The Street of Sorrow” made Arthur Rypeshtayn from Mexico and “Anomalisa” by Charlie Kaufman are the films participating in the competition section of the festival.