Art and Experience: “Risk of Acid Rain” directed by Behtash Saneeha, will participate in Goteborg film festival.

It narrates the story of a 60-year-old retired man named Manouchehr. He is eager to continue his work as he feels loneliness of retirement. Unfortunately his mom passes away, so he heads to Tehran in search of his old friend.

“Risk of Acid Rain” is Behtash Saniha’s first film which participate in Goteborg film fest at Sweden.

Goteborg film fest is one of the oldest film festivals on Jan. 29th to Feb. 8th at Gothenburg.

“Risk of Acid Rain” is to be displayed at “New Sounds” section that is specified for selected film makers all around the world.

The Iranian movie will be shown on March 30-31 at Gothenburg’s cinemas, so Sanaiha and Maryam Moqadam will travel to Sweden for the event.