Art and ExperienceThe 15th annual Resistance International Film Festival has announced the names of six nominees for the Best Short Film awards.

The nominees for this award are as follows: ‘Terrace’ directed by Mohammad Alizadeh-Fard, ‘Saad’s Olive Tree’ directed by Ahmad Zayery, ‘Silence Again’ directed by Razieh Seraji, ‘Tasouki’ directed by Pouriya Pishvaei, ‘Mother’ directed by Maria Mavati, and ‘Rahana’ directed by Kazem Daneshi.

The 15th annual Resistance International Film Festival seeks to establish an atmosphere of discourse through the recognition of filmmakers and activists. The event also aims to promote common human ethos of peace, brotherhood, and the resistance of oppression, all while fighting violence and terrorism through the universal language of films.

The festival is set to be held on November 26-December 1, 2018, at Felestin Theater Hall in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.

Source: ifilmtv