Art and Experience: Argentinean actor Ricardo Darin has joined the cast of Asghar Farhadi’s anticiapated film alongside Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz.

The highly anticipated project is scheduled to be shot in the Spanish capital city of Madrid next August.

Previously, Spanish actress Penelope Cruz and actor Javier Bardem were scheduled to play in Asghar Farhadi’s new movie.

Acclaimed Iranian director Farhadi revealed that the celebrity couple will “not necessarily” be featured as a couple in the Spanish-language film.

“The film is about family and family relationships … Cruz and Bardem are in the film, but they are not necessarily a couple in the film,” Farhadi said.

Farhadi noted that he does not speak Spanish and the script for his new film, originally written in Farsi, has been translated into Spanish, adding, however, that he does not “feel the change of language changes your voice.”

The filmmaker, who earlier shot ‘The Past’ in French, said making the film in a foreign language may not conceal his story.

Farhadi’s new film will be produced by Pedro and Agustin Almodovar’s El Deseo and distributed by Memento Film.

The Iranian noted director has already won two Oscars for ‘The Salesman’ and ‘A Separation’.