Art and ExperienceIran actor Reza Kianian’s theater project ‘The Professional’ has hit Canada stage.

‘The Professional’ is a Persian version of the situation comedy play written by Serbian playwright Dusan Kovacevic.

The play has already been on stage in Montreal and will be performed in Toronto on May 26-27 and Vancouver on June 2, 2018.

Hedayat Hashemi, Diana Fathi and Saeed Malek and the director Kianain are the main cast of the play.

Born in 1952, Kianian holds a degree in Theater from Tehran University.

He began acting in plays in 1966 appearing in works such as ‘Antigone’, and ‘The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi’.

In 1989, he appeared in his first film Hamid Samandarian’s ‘All the Temptations of the Earth’.

At the 13th Fajr International Film Festival he was nominated for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role for ‘Kimiya’.

He has also appeared in memorable works such as ‘Cinema is Cinema’ in 1996 and ‘Red Ribbon’ in 1998.

Kianian has won Crystal Simorgh for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role for ‘Glass Agency’ in 1997 and Best Male Actor for ‘House on Water’ in 2001.

He was also nominated to receive the Crystal Simorgh of Fajr International Film Festival in 2015 for the Best Actor in a Leading Role for Kiumars Pourahmad’s ‘Where Are My Shoes?’.

Some of Kianian’s other films and series, aired by ifilm, are ‘The British Briefcase’, ‘Time of Rebellion’, ‘A Piece of Bread’, ‘Maritime Silk Road’, ‘A Cube of Sugar’, ‘The Long Path’ and ‘The Pahlavi Hat’.

Source: ifilmtv