Art and Experience: Review session of “The River’s End” directed by Behrouz Afkhami will be held in Isfahan.

On Monday 8 August the Soreh cinema hall of Isfahan will be the host for “The River’s End.”  In this session the film will be on screen at 5 PM for interested people and at 7 PM the review session will start with the attendance of  Behrouz Afkhami, the director and Ali Moalem, the producer.

Variety wrote about this film, It’s all in the narrator’s mind, and words, in “The River’s End,” an intensely artistic art film by veteran Behrooz Afkhami (“The Bride”). The visuals silently illustrate the first-person voice-over of a troubled young man haunted by the memory of his dead father, who lets this ghost of the past take over his life. As the voice drones on reading the novel by Jafar Modaress Sadeghi, only the most insomniac viewers will stay the course until the poetic finale. Though commendable in its way, film doesn’t look like it has much firepower outside Farsi language markets.

Based on the novel by Jafar Modaress Sadeghi.

Producer: Ali Moallem. Screenwriter: Behrooz Afkhami. Cinematographer: Mohammed Aladpoush. Editor: Behrooz Afkhami. Cast: Ezzatolah Entezami, Bahram Radan, Bahareh Rahnama, Soruch Sehhat. 35mm, 96 min.