Art and Experience: Review session of “The Poets of the Constitution” will be held in Mashhad.

In resumption of movie review sessions which have been screened in Art & Experience cinema group, the review session of “The Poets of the Constitution” will be held on Saturday 3 September in Hoveyzeh complex of Mashhad. In this session the movie’s screening will start at 5 PM and the review session will start a 7 PM with the attendance of Amir Farzollahi.

This enlightening documentary provides a comprehensive history of the nation’s rise to modernity through individuals’ efforts to bring poetry and scholarly works to wider audiences against the backdrop of the Constitutional Revolution. Revolutionary Mirza Jahangir Khan Shirazi’s decision to publish the independent weekly newspaper, Sure Esrafil, for example, brought a voice to the common people for the first time. We follow the progress of the Revolution, and how corruption, despotism, and dependency were exposed through the tools of learning. A fascinating exploration of the importance of literature and freedom of speech.

Director: Amir Farzollahi, Producer: Amir Farzollahi, Editor: Mahmoud Agha Mohammadi, Cinematographer: Mazdak Soltan Mohammadi, Zohreh Ahmadi Tochaee, Writers: Amir Farzollahi