Art and Experience: review session of “Taj Mahal” will be held on Monday 18 December in Isfahan.

Following the review session of screened movies in Art and Experience group, Isfahan is the host for these session on Mondays. In this event the movie will be on screen at 5 PM and then at 7 PM review session will start with the presence of Danesh Eghba Shavi as the director of this movie and Zahra Moshtagh as the critic.

“Taj Mahal” is about the life of a family in Abadan which a burglary happens in their house. Hossein Moradi, the 60-year-old worker from Abadan forced to fire some of his colleagues as his boss wanted from ship-making company. But this time he decides to hold a lottery , for giving choice to some of the workers. However, one of the workers protests to his dismissal and fights with Hossein. Several days later… “Taj Mahal” is Danesh Eghba Shavi first feature movie which has been created by the presence of his family and some other professional stars like Jahangir Mirshekari, Parinosh Nazarieh and  Ali Mardaneh. “Taj Mahal” has been on Art & Experience cinema group screens since 10th of October.

Scriptwriters: Danesh Eghbashavi, Karim Nikoonazar, Cinematography: Saeed Barati.