Art & Experience: Movie review session of “Morning is coming” will be held on Monday 23rd of November in Isfahan.

In resumption of movie review sessions in Soreh Cinema of Isfahan this week the review session of “Morning is coming” will be held on Monday 23rd of November. In this session the movie will be on screen for audiences at 5 PM and the review session will start at 7 PM with the attendance of  Yalda Jebeli(The director), Fardin Khalatbari(The producer, designer and music maker) and Sahar Asr Azad(The critic)

Morning is coming which has been screened in Art & Experience cinema group from 26 September is about Goli and Samaan who start a friendly party one night before their marriage celebration, they start a game in more friendly group in the end of the party which this game and fun leads to some challenges for Goli and Samaan and this becomes a pretext for going into other character’s lives…

Roya NoNahali, Babak Karimi, Mehdi Ahmadi, Rana Azadivar, Iraj Shahzadi, Amirhossein Arman, Elaheh Hesari and Fariba Jadidkar are the main stars of this movie. Yalda Jebelli graduated from Cinema in Edition field of Art University of Tehran and She has been the editor of many movies and series like ” The first night of  peace” and ” Message to the citizen of the third era”.