Art & Experience: Review session of “Molf-e Gand” and “Zero Degree Orbit” by Mahmoud Rahmani will be held on Sunday 8 November in Artists House.

In resumption of movie review sessions which have been screened in Art & Experience cinema group, the review session of “Molf-e Gand” and “Zero Degree Orbit” will be held with the presence of Mahmoud Rahmani, the director of both movies and Sahar Asr Azad as the critic in Artists House. These movies will screen at 6 PM and the session will start at 7:30 PM.

“Molf-e Gand” and “Zero Degree Orbit” both works of Mahmoud Rahmani has been screened in Art & Experience cinema group since 17th of September. “Molf-e Gand” which has been present in many inside and outside festivals and have gotten some awards is about Mohammad who is more than 40, he turns into a 7 year old child in front of the camera and incredibly describes the 8 years of war between Iran and Iraq. “Molf-e Gand” means infelicitous and bad prediction.

“Zero Degree Orbit” is about a mother and daughter of a frontiersman family who were killed during the attack of Iraq. Frontiersmen believe that the husband killed them to protect their honer and his wife and daughter were killed before the Iraq soldiers find them. 30 years passed from that accident and the air force attacks of the USA to Iraq has been started and the man who is old now and living with his only son, reveals a reality. This movie which has been made in 2007 got the top award in Short Movie Festival of Tehran that year and has been screened in several inside and outside festivals.