Art and Experience: Review session of “Molf-e Gand” and “Zero Degree Orbit” directed by Mahmoud Rahmani will be held on Wendesnday 25 November in Sahel Cinema of Ahwaz.

The event will start at 5 PM with having the movie on screen and following review session with the presence of the film’s director, Mahmoud Rahmani and Maziar Fekri Ershad as the critic at 7 PM.

“Molf-e Gand” has been in many festivals and both works of Mahmoud Rahmani “Molf-e Gand” and “Zero Degree Orbit” are on screen of Art and Experience since 17 September. In this one sequence-plan documentary Mohammad satirically talks about his childhood memories and his strong sixth sense (Molf-e Gand) during the Iran-Iraq war. With his beautiful power of expression, he turns his bitter sweet memories into eye-catching images which form and move before the eyes of the viewers.

In “Zero Degree Orbit” the filmmaker wants to show the deep catastrophe of imposed war without
making the audience feel bad but to reach him/her to a more realistic interpretation from
that time.