Art and Experience: Review session of “Memories of Black Horse” directed by Shahram Alidi will held in Shiraz.

In resumption of movie review sessions of screened movies in Art and Experience group, Shiraz  is the host for review sessions every week. On Wednesday 15 February in this event screening of the movie will start at 4 PM and the review session will be followed with review session at 6 PM with the presence of Shahram Alidi as the director and Hossein Mahdavi as the Sound Mixer.

A group of youth tries to teach Kurdish language in Turkey’s Kurdistan region; where the Turkey dictatorship has forbidden teaching the language. Part of the work of this group is hidden publishing and distributing of children books for underground schools which are hidden too. Asika, one of the girls working in the group is killed. Her friends decide to reach her to her last wishes and will. She was grown up with a black horse which is now in an abundant region through Anatoli Mountains. Her last ask is to see the horse for the last time. Arrival of the horse is leaded some unexpected events.

Writer and Director: Shahram Alidi, Set Designer: Ashkan Ashkani, Editor: Hayedeh Safiyari, Music: Kayhan Kalhor, Sound Recorder: Ahmad Salehi, Sound Mixer: Hossein Mahdavi, Make-Up: Soudabeh Khosravi, Actors: Maryam Boubani, Brak Tozonatach, Vildan Atasour, Shwal Sam, Producer: Shahram Alidi