Art and Experience: “Have You Another Apple?” is in its last days of screening and the review session of this movie will be held on 24 January in Artists House.

On Sundays Artists house is the host for movie review sessions of screened films in Art and Experience group. In the latest session “Have You Another Apple?” will be on screen at 4 PM and the review session will start at 5:30 PM with the presence of Bayram Fazli, the director and Amir Pouya as the critic.

“Have You Another Apple?” was made a decade ago and was first on screen of Fajr Festival but it didnt get the chance to be on the screen of theaters until now. In an unspecified dystopia, a tyrant rules with an iron fist. To maintain control over the people, he employs ‘Dasdaran’, dangerous, scythe-wielding warriors who obey his orders without question or qualm. But at last the day has come where a hero will rise from the masses to challenge the Dasdaran and free his people from subjugation and slavery. The only problem is that this hero is completely incompetent! ‘Have You Another Apple’ is a bold, surrealistic comedy from director Bayram Fazli that brilliantly subverts traditional movie tropes with hilarious effect.

“Have You Another Apple?” started screening in Art and Experience cinemas since 6 October.