Art and Experience: Review session of “Gesher” by Vahid Vakilifar will be held in Shiraz.

In resumption of movie review sessions of screened movies in Art and Experience group, Shiraz  is the host for review sessions every Saturday. On Saturday 8 October in this event screening of the movie will start at 4 PM and the review session will be followed with review session at 6 PM with the presence of Vahid Vakilifar.

Ghobad, Jahan and  Nezam, three men in pursuit of a better life, leave home and head  for Oslouyeh, one of the richest gas producing regions in the south of Iran. However, the difficult living conditions together with the low salaries oblige them and others to find shelter along the disused sections of the pipeline. The group of workers manage to create an atmosphere of camaraderie despite the difficult conditions with which they are faced.

Director’s statement: Developing countries inevitably industrialize. In the process of industrialization many are those whose efforts and labor go unrecognized. Nevertheless, this lack of recognition in no way discourages the hopes and joys of those concerned.

Cast: Hossein Farzizadeh; Ghobad Rahmaninassab; Abdolrassoul Daryapeyma

Written and directed
by: Vahid Vakilifar
Director of photography: Mohammad-Reza Jahanpanah
Editing: Vahid Vakilifar
Sound Recorder: Vahid Hajilouei
Sound Mixer: Hossein Mahdavi
Producer: Mohammad Rassoulof