Art and Experience: Shiraz has been added to Art and Experience and review sessions will be held in this city too. Mehr hall in Shiraz will be the host for review sessions on Wednesdays and this Wednesdays on 30 December, “Fish and Cat” the second feature movie directed by Shahram Mokri is the movie which will be reviewed. Previously the movies like “Parviz” and “Bitter Dream” were on screen and reviewed in this cinema hall.

This session will start with screening the movie at 5 PM in Wednesday evening  and at 7 PM the review session will start with the attendance of Shahram Mokri (The Director) and Shahin Amin (The Critic).

“Fish and Cat” has been on Art and Experience screen since 5 November and it is still on the screen. “Fish and Cat” is one of the most well-received movies among Art and Experience films and has gotten the most attention.