Art and Experience: Review session of “Delta X” by Alireza Amini will be held on Saturday 5th of December in Mashhad.

In resumption of movie review sessions of Art and Experience screened movies, Mashahd is the host of one of these movies each Saturday and this week is “Delta X” movie’s turn. On Saturday 5th of December, first the movie will be on screen for audiences and then the review session will start with the attendance of Alireza Amini as the director and Zahir Yari as the actor of the movie and Maziar Fekri Ershad as the critic.

“Delta X” is the 9th work of Alireza Amini as director and it has been on screen since 27th of October in Art and Experience group. In the description of the movie it has been said: “Siavash and Hamid went to north with their wives and Babak and his wife went to their villa without any previous announcement and this attendance has some events with it.”