Art and Experience: Review “Dance of Dust” directed by Abolfazl Jalili will be held in Mashhad.

In resumption of movie review sessions which have been screened in Art & Experience cinema group, the review session of “Dance of Dust” will be held on Saturday 5 March in Hoveyzeh complex of Mashhad. In this session the movie’s screening will start at 5 PM and the review session will start a 7 PM with the presence of Abolfazl Jalili, the movie’s director.

The movie was made on 1992 and its about a teenage named Illia, lonely and forlorn who works and live in a brick-factory. A little girl named Limoa who works and lives with her mother in the same brickfactory becomes friend with Illia. Illia hears whispers in his ears as if somebody call him. What calms him is the pattern of Limoa’s hand on the raw brick when it is cooked in the furnace; a pattern and a brick which fell in the depth of a well finally. With arriving of rainy days, brick-factory becomes closed and Limoa and her mother decide to return t their town alongside the others and Illia whispers the pray of heal in farewell of her. Achievements and Awards: Winner of Silver Leopard Locarno Film Festival Switzerland (1998) in Modern Cinema section also winner of Environment Award and Art and Experience Award in the festival, winner of Best Asian Film in Tokyo Film Festival (1998), Participating in many international film festivals. And the movie will be on screen after 24 years.

Cast and Crew: Scriptwriter and Director: Abolfazl Jalili, Director of Photography: Ataollah Hayati, Set Designer: Mohammad Taghi Jalili, Sound Recorder: Nezamoddin Kiayi, Sound Mixer: Eshagh Khanzadi, Actors: Limoa Rahmani, Mahmoud Khosravi, Jamil Mousavi, Maryam Zarei, Saleh Seydabadi, Taymour Salimi, Shaban Shabani, Zolaykha Seydabadi, Ameneh Khanom, Producers: Haydar Ali Omrani, Majid Modrresi, Mohammad Mehdi Dadgoo