Art and Experience: Review session of “Colorful Island” directed by Khosrow Sinayi will be held on Saturday 27 February in Mashhad.

In resumption of movie review sessions which have been screened in Art & Experience cinema group, the review session of “Colorful Island” will be held on Saturday 27 February in Hoveyzeh complex of Mashhad with the attendance of Khosrow Sinayi.

“Colorful Island” was first on screen in 33rd Fajr Film Festival. It has been attended to different festivals which Vancouver Film Festival can be named as one of them which gave a lot of attention to the movie.

Hormoz Island has almost 50 colors of soils. An environmental artist goes to the island and teaches the women of the island how they can paint with these soils on glass and make art. Women go to the classes eagerly, paint and sell them to national and international tourists. Art is good and blossoming for their life. Presence of the artist in the island makes some stories.

Cast and Crew: Writer and Director: Khosrow Sinayi, Director of Photography: Ali Loghmani, Editor: Alireza Karimi, Sound Recorder and Sound Mixer: Alireza Karimi, Composer: Louris Tzeknavarian, Actors: Mehdi Ahmadi, Tayyebeh Dehghan, Menshadi, Narges Hormozi, Mostafa Shab Taari, Abdorasoul Darya Payma, and Mohammad Salamati, Producer: Khosrow Sinayi

“Colorful Island” started screening since 27 December in Art and Experience group.