Art and Experience: Review session of “Bench Cinema” directed by Mohammad Rahmanian will be held on Saturday 11 March in Mashhad.

In resumption of movie review sessions which have been screened in Art & Experience cinema group, the review session of  “Bench Cinema” will be held on Saturday 11 March in Hoveyzeh complex of Mashhad. In this session the movie’s screening will start at 5 PM and the review session will start a 7 PM with the attendance of Mohammad Rahmanian.

Bench Cinema tells the story of Nasi who spends months after release from prison, watching the films and memorizing all the lines. He then travels around to perform the films as a one-man show on a bench. Gradually he forms a theatre group called Cinema Bench.

In its recent international presence, Bench Cinema was nominated for the award of the 40th São Paulo International Film Festival.