Art and Experience: “Atlan” documentary movie will be in Shiraz for review session just one month afterthe end of its screening. Review session of “Atlan” will be held on Wednesday 13 January in Hafezieh complex in Shiraz.

After “Bitter Dream,” “Parviz,” “Fish and Cat” and “Risk of Acid Rain,” this is the 4th movie which is being reviewed in Shiraz. In this event which starts at 4 PM for fans and at 6 PM review session of will start with the attendance of Moen Karrimoodini and Reza Dorostkar.

Moen Karrimoodini has “When Clouds Come Down” in his background. He got the best director award from Verite Cinema and got the best cinematography award in Fajr Film Festival.

In the story line of “Atlan” has been written: Ali is a Turkman horse trainer. Horses are his life. Ilhan is the name of the horse that has won him so many prizes. Ali is planning to use Ilhan’s and his other horses’ awards money to pay for his wedding. But not everything goes favourably in a course. Ilhan gets in an unexpected condition and Ali needs to fight for Ilhan’s championship.