Art and Experience: Review session of “21 Inch” directed by Abozar Safarian will be held in Isfahan.

On Monday 2 May the Soreh cinema hall of Isfahan will be the host for “21 Inch” and its director. In this session the film will be on screen at 5 PM for interested people and at 7 PM the review session will start with the attendance of Abozar Safarian.

“21 Inch” produced in 1379 and one of the first digital movies of Iran’s cinema, has found its way to cinema through cinematic group of Art and Experience, after 15 years.

“21 Inch” is the story of a kidnapping:” While showing a live television competition, people who were present at the studio were kidnapped by a group, which wanted the show to be continued in anyway. Undoubtedly, people who are captured, or as they say, hostages, are the best to show live picture in such a situation.