Art and Experience: English newspaper of Guardian wrote a review for all the movies which has been on screen in 33rd Fajr Film Festival last year. “Risk of Acid Rain” by Behtash Sanaeiha was a part of this review.

Risk of Acid Rain, another Negah-e No film featuring the poet Shams Langaroudi, was a slow but rhythmic story on the journeys we make alone and the threads that bind us. It is probably the first Iranian movie where an old man smokes marijuana, gets high, and eats the night away. All was well-acted, without a hint of dramatics or preachiness, and the two young actors, Maryam Moghadam and Pouriya Rahimi, were outstanding as the old man’s unlikely friends. The saving grace of the festival were the sections Negah-e No (New Look), featuring films by first-time directors, and Honar o Tajrobeh (Art and Experience Cinema), dedicated to less mainstream, artistic films. One wonders if these two together shouldn’t have formed the main competition section.