Art and ExperienceIran film ‘Retouch’ directed by Kaveh Mazaheri has been placed among top 10 films of Moscow International Film Festival in Russia.

According to a local media report, The film was chosen among top ten titles by the jury of the Russian festival to be held June 22 to 29.

‘Retouch’ has won Crystal Simorgh for Best Short Film at Fajr Film Festival as well as grabbing the best short title from Iran Cinema Celebration.

Produced by the Iranian Young Cinema Society, the short is about a young woman whose husband dies before her eyes and she just observes the tragic scene.

Previously, Iranian director and producer Reza Mirkarimi has been picked as a jury member for the 39th Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF).

Moscow International Film Festival is considered one of the oldest film festivals in the world dating back to 1935.

This Russian cinematic event is compared in importance to its other European equivalents such as Cannes and Berlin film festivals.