Art and ExperienceNaser Babaeian the award winning actor of ‘Dayan’ has expressed his idea about the concept of resistance, differentiating it from war.

In a recent interview about his award-winning performance in the movie ‘Dayan’, actor Nasser Babaeian winner of the 15th Resistance International Film Festival’s Best Actor Award, stated that resistance is not exclusively limited to war.

With over 30 years of acting experience in his hometown, Babaeian talked about the efforts he made to accomplish what was asked of him by the director, Behrouz Nooranipour, their relationship, and the overall chemistry that was developed between them in producing this film.

On the Resistance Film Festival and its effect on the production process of films with similar themes, Babaei expressed that with the festival in its 15th year there is always room for improvement. According to Babaei, resistance is not limited exclusively to war; rather it occurs outside of the warzone as well.

On the concept of resistance, the award-winning actor explained that resisting means to persevere for a unified cause, a sensation born in him after 30 years of experience in the performing arts and enduring the struggles that came along the way.

Emphasizing the rewarding effects of working in relevant fields, Babaeian noted an upcoming festival which will feature the movie ‘Dayan’ concluding that the efforts have paid off.

 ‘Dayan’ is a movie depicting the struggles of a group of 4000 refugees fleeing the fear and terror caused by the Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group in the Kurdistan region. Stuck in the middle of a war and not being able to reunite with their loved ones, these families were forced to make some tough decisions.

The Resistance International Film Festival recently concluded its 15th event in Tehran, as well as a tour of Lebanon.

Source: ifilmtv