Art and Experience: “Four remembrance books of the 34th Fajr Film Festival were made with the collaboration of artists to be unveiled at the opening of the Fajr Film Festival.” Editor’s remembrance books of  Fajr Film Festival said.

According to the Communications and Information of the 34th Fajr Film Festival, Keyvan Kasirian talked about remembrance books of Roya Teymorian, Reza Kianian, Mehdi Fakhimzadeh and Mohammad Mehdi Dadgou, “part of the book is an interview with the artist, and the other parts are dedicated to colleagues and film critic’s comments about the artistic activities of the artist. As well as special photos of the four artists and memories of celebrations is also used in the book. ”

Kasirian with referring to the cooperation of Roya Teymorian, Reza Kianian, Mehdi Fakhimzadeh and Mohammad Mehdi Dadgou in the formation of these books explained: “Every year the book was published by a person individually and due to this fact the remembrance books of Fajr Film Festival in terms of size, design, size cut and etc did not coordinate with each other, but this year there are four books that there is a good harmony between them. “