Art and Experience: Iranian animated piece ‘Release from Heaven’ by Ali Noori Oskouei has snatched Best Feature Animation Award at the summer edition of Hong Kong International Film Festival.

The 76-minute film is directed Ali Noori Oskouei, written by Majid Asoodegan, and produced by Ali Noori Oskouei and Seyed Vahid Olyaee.

The festival’s juries praised Noori Oskouei’s courage in combining innovative artistic techniques to achieve an engaging narrative of a multi-layered story while wisely utilizing music and sound.

Set in a war-torn country, ‘Release from Heaven’ is the story of a female writer and teacher who has to accompany two of her students on a life changing journey.

“Release from Heaven is the suppressed scream of innocent children whose beautiful childish world is brutally destroyed as they enter the dirty world of adults,” said the director about his film.

The Hong Kong film festival was held on 28 June to 3 July, 2017.

‘Release from Heaven’ has also been nominated for Best Animation Award at SICAF film festival in South Korea.

The animation had its market premier on May 22 as the opening film of Animation Day in Cannes film festival.