Art and Experience: Mohammad Ali Sajjadi is back after eight years away from cinema with a trilogy. A trilogy called “Movie and show” which the first part (documentary Homa’s Hamid) is currently on the screen of Art and Experience and the last part of the film is “Rehearsal for Performance” which will be in the competition of Fajr Festival in Art and Experience section and entered the competition with ten other films. The common feature of these three films with fictional documentary “Knife and Muffins” is completed, the center subject of the theater and the field of performance in them.

Mohammad Ali Sajjadi has a theater director role in the film. Sajjadi’s acting experience is not a new experience and not far-fetched, last year in the sequence of the film “Two” directed by Soheila Golestani, he had a short and guest role. But it’s the first time Sajjadi comes as a main actor in front of the camera. Another point in the movie is the presence of Shams Langroudi, who is an old friend with Sajjadi and experiences his third film role after “Five and Five” and “Risk of Acid Rain”. Shams Langroudi this time dressed as a character closer to his true character and he will appear as a researcher and professor.

Pre-production of Rehearsal for Performance began in the late spring. Finding agents and funding lasted two or three months. Filming began in early September this year, 26 sessions at various locations in the cultural spaces in Tehran before the end of the summer was over. It took until late October and then develop it into a technical process. Sajjadi gave his film music to a young composer (Ehsan Analouyi) that are currently in the final stages of it. Mohammad Sajjadi work with a group that is a combination of youth and professionals and is very satisfied.

“A theater director decides to gather a theater band, read the story of Siavash from Shahnameh, and rehearse for performance.” It seems that Mohammad Ali Sajjadi has started a new age in his career. While it is not obvious that how much of this way had been self-chosen but he is one of the most experimentalist filmmakers of our cinema. He had “Homa’s Hamid” in the cinemas of Art and Experience Group, and now he has made a film about rehearsal of a theater band based on a Siavash story of Shahnameh. The cast are the theater actors while Sajjadi himself acted and showed that he is not stranger with camera too although the structure is as unknown as maybe he acted as himself.
Rehearsal for Performance/Writer, Director and Editor: Mohammad Ali Sajjadi, Director of Photography: Mohammadreza Sokout, Set and Costume Designer: Fazel Jian, Sound Recorder: Omid Ashouri, Abbas Rastegarpour, Cast: Hossein Fallah, Azadeh Movahed, Ava Darobeyt, Nasim Mirzadeh, Mahour Sajjadi, Mehdi Mayamey, Mikaeel Shahrestani, Mahmoud Rasekhfar, Mohammad Sareban, Mohammad Ali Sajjadi and Shams Langroudi