Art and Experience: Rahim Toofan’s short film ‘Red Peace’ on Syrian war refugees will participate in three international film festivals this September.

Following its first international screening in Festival Corner of Cannes 2016, Red Peace by Rahim Toofan will compete in the main competition category of Marbella film festival in Spain, where one of the winners of the festival will be introduced to the 2017 Oscars.

Red Peace will be also screened in the main competition section of Jakarta film festival in Indonesia on September 19. Having been nominated for Best Film at Sulaymaniyah film festival in Iraq, the film will be screened in the festival on September 15.

Red Peace is a bilingual Kurdish-Turkish tale of an unfulfilled love between a Syrian refugee girl and a Turkish border patrol. Syrian refugees welcome the tryst as an opportunity to cross the border. The girl grapples with choosing her family or the Turkish patrol’s love when she discovers that she has been abused by his family as a means to deflect the Turkish patrol from his duties.

Catherine Aslani, Hashem Qadimi, Hossein Khani and Somayyeh Toofan are among the cast. The film is set in mountainous and forest countryside of Ardebil, and filmed under extreme weather conditions.