Art and Experience: After the blockbuster, technically challenging, multiple Oscar winning “Gravity,” Alfonso Cuaron has returned to his small scale indie roots, mounting production on a new movie last fall. Featuring a cast of mostly little known actors, plot details have kept tightly under wraps, but an alert reader (thanks Arturo!) has pointed us the direction of intriguing new details.

Cuaron held a press conference today to announce the wrap of the movie, which is titled “Roma.” The film follows a middle-class Mexico City family in the 1970s, but it will also depict the The Corpus Christi Massacre, in which student demonstrators were killed by elite Mexican soldiers. Cuaron is said to have filmed the major sequence months ago, requiring key streets and subway stations in Mexico City being shut down. Even more, that the film was shot on 70mm, however, Cuaron’s regular cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki did not work on the movie due to a scheduling conflict. Lensing credits, at least according to IMDB, go to Cuaron and Galo Olivares.

No word yet on if the film will be completed in time to hit the festival circuit at the end of the year, though I would assume that backers Participant Media would want that to happen. We’ll certainly keep an ear out for more news. [El Universal/Filmeweb]

Source: theplaylist