Art and ExperienceOfficial poster for Iran film ‘Eczema’ comes out before limited release in Iranian movie theaters.  

The debut feature for Iranian director Mehran Mahdavian is set to screen at “Art and Experience” Cinematic Group in Iran.

The flick, previously named ‘The Eyes’, submitted as an entry for the prestigious Iranian film event, Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF).

The movie which is an experimental social drama will also be screened at ‘Art and Experience’ cinematic group in Iran.

In ‘Eczema’, Roya is a young woman, struggling to live a peaceful life. She does not want her husband to be informed about her past, but keeping the past in the past is not as easy as it seems.

The film is set at night, in a limited setting, where Roya drives a car and steers the story and the wheel together.

Ahiva Makinian, Hesam Mahmoudi and Diba Zahedi star in the flick.

Art and Experience cinematic group is an opportunity to show worthwhile movies chosen from non-commercial ones, in order to demonstrate the brilliance of their creators in the cinema community. It also makes a profound impact towards improving Iranian filmgoer’s knowledge regarding movies as well as flourishing artistic aspects of Iranian cinema.

In this program, the term “art film” refers to any cinematic work- including short films, feature films, documentary and animation films- whose forms and content can impress the viewer’s aesthetic-tastes and emotions and bring in immense satisfaction.

Furthermore, the term “experimental film” refers to movies which present new methods of expression and cinematic narratives, on the contrary to the commercial and mainstream movies.